Our Team Approach

Wyndham Urology Group was founded by Dan Lenaghan and Kath Schubach in 2014. The vision was to provide integrated urology care – diagnosis, management and support – for the rapidly growing population in Melbourne’s West.

Janine Frost is our capable and friendly receptionist and office manager.

After returning from overseas advanced surgical training, Melbourne Urologist Kapil Sethi joined the group in 2019. Kapil is an excellent communicator and caring clinician who brings a broad skill set to the group.

The staff of Wyndham Urology also work with Melbourne Urology Group in East Melbourne and Fitzroy, bringing the experience and support of one of Melbourne’s most established urology private practices.

What is integrated urology care?

Our approach to patient care contains several practical components:

  • Close communication with your GP and other relevant specialists for a co-ordinated care approach
    • Letters regarding progress and plans are routinely sent after each consultation
    • We will hand back your care to your GP once treatment goals have been achieved and you are comfortable regular visits are no longer necessary
  • Use of validated symptom scores to measure treatment progress and outcomes from the most important perspective – your own!
  • Objective outcome measures – imaging studies, blood tests and urine flow studies help us know we are on track
    • We have on site ultrasound and urodynamic equipment to help make an accurate diagnosis and monitor treatment progress
  • Specialist nursing support through your treatment
    • Medication advice
    • Preparation for surgery
    • Post-operative support
  • Individualised management. There can be a variety of treatment options to consider aside from surgery:
    • Medication
    • Biofeedback and nerve stimulation
    • Physiotherapy
    • Surveillance